Millennial and Gen-Z Advertising 

A Network of Intutive Digital Disiplays in the Windows of Storefront and Rideshare Vehicles

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Who Are We?

Meeting Your Needs

At Rush Hour Media we find ourselves passionately pursuing a mission to expand the forefront of the Ad-Tech industries. We envision advertising in the future as a welcome form of engagement between consumers and the brands they are looking for. In our first market offering, we have brought the value of our industry-leading advertisement platform to storefronts and the rideshare community to create a win, win, and win environment for everyone.

What We Do

We are a Millennial and Gen-Z targeted advertising distribution platform. We specialized in on-location advertising in storefront windows and rideshare vehicles.  Let us take you to new levels and help you reach your most highly sought after customers in the most innovated ways. 


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